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Top 5 ways to treat a cold using Ayurveda and home remedies

They say you can find a cure for the common cold but you can for cancer. The common cold is related to nasopharynx, but it affects the entire body. It is mostly common during the winters when its passed around in crowded buses, airplanes and trains. According to Ayurveda Pratishyaya (common cold)  is produced as a result of vitiation of Kapha dosha and it greatly affects the body’s immunity.

Top 4 Ayurvedic products for the best and the fastest cures, remain the following Ayurvedic products:

1.      Fluvin Capsule– It’s the “one stop cure” for the common cold. It is antiviral, anti inflammatory and increases the body’s immunity.

2.      Agasthya Rasayanam – It is a decongestant with a anti-histaminic property.

3.      Thalisapatradi Choornam with honey – It releases excess cough

4.      Karpooradi Thailam- Apply on the chest and face, put 4-5 drops of oil in water, boil it and take steam. It decongests the chest and is anti- inflammatory.

These are the top 5 home remedies to cure the common cold: 

 1.     Drink ginger tea. It acts as a decongestant, helps stimulate slow digestion and improves the taste buds too.

2.      Lemon juice with water and honey. It soothes sore throat, boosts vitamin C intake and releases excess cough.

3.     Garlic contains antiseptic property, garlic in soups or supplements is the best remedy.

4.     Tulsi and long pepper in equal quantity, ground together and rolled into small pills, take 3-4 times daily. Tulsi has antiviral, antioxidant property. It is good immune-modulator. Long pepper relieves inflammation.

5.     5 gm ginger juice mixed with one amla\'s (Indian gooseberry) juice and one teaspoon honey  with a little water. It boosts body immunity and acts as a decongestant.


Prevention is definitely better than cure, here are ways to prevent it altogether: 


1.      Cover the head and neck with clothes

2.      Gargle with hot saline water

3.      Take fresh fruits and vegetables to boost your immunity

4.      Keep yourself warm at all times

5.      Do not sleep during the day

6.      Do not sleep late

7.      Do not share towels and glasses

8.      Avoid deep fried and processed food


 If there is uncontrolled sneezing, excess thirst, foul smell in nose, insomnia, fever of 102 F or more, consult your doctor as soon as possible.


To avoid the common cold forever, It is critical to continue build the immunity, Panchakarma is a great way to supplement and strengthen the immunity.